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Q. What are the * codes for changing my C-Tel features settings via the phone?
The following star codes can be dialed from your C-Tel phone to setup various
features from your handset instead of logging into the C-Tel portal web site.

Wherever you see 'xxx' below, this refers to a number you enter.

*55Access Voicemail Portal

*99Voice Portal Menus

Forwarding and Locate me

*72xxxCall Forward Always Activation

*73Call Forward Always Deactivation

*92xxxCall Forward No Answer Activation

*93Call Forward No Answer Deactivation

*90xxxCall Forward on Busy Activation

*91Call Forward on Busy Deactivation

*561xxx    Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 1

*571Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 1

*562xxx    Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 2

*572Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 2

*563xxx    Enable and Set 'Locate Me' Number 3

*573Deactivate 'Locate Me' Number 3

Call Queuing options

*70xxxAdd agent to specified queue

*71xxxRemove agent from specified queue

*71Remove agent from queue

Do not disturb and Privacy options

*78Do Not Disturb Activation

*79Do Not Disturb Deactivation

*30Caller ID Blocking Activation

*31Caller ID Blocking Deactivation

*77Anonymous Call Rejection Activation

*87Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation

*60xxx    Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Addition

*80xxx    Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Removal

*65xxx    Make a call with Caller ID visible

*67xxx    Make a call with Caller ID blocked

*32Anonymous caller screening Activation

*33All callers screening Activation

*34Call screening Deactivation

Remote callback/dial-tone options

*94xxxRemote Dialtone Service Number Addition

*95xxxRemote Dialtone Service Number Removal

*96xxxRemote Call-back Service Number Addition

*97xxxRemote Call-back Service Number Removal

*98xxxRemote Access Authorisation Pin Setup

*98Removal of Remote Access Authorisation Pin (Trusted ANI only)

Auto Attendant options

*22Record your auto attendant message/menu for callers

*23Playback your auto attendant message/menu

*24Activate the auto attendant service on your line

*25Deactivate the auto attendant service on your line

Conferencing options

*40Activate conferencing for my number (turn into conference room)

*41Deactivate conferencing for my number

*42Access your own conference room

Group Pickup options

*88Group Pickup

*89Directed Group Pickup

*89xDirected Group Pickup (with specified pickup number)

Other options

*61Call Waiting Activation

*81Call Waiting Deactivation

*69Call Return (Call back your last caller)

*66Last Number Redial

*51Who last called me?

*37xxxSet Authorisation Pin Code

*37Remove Authorisation Pin Code (no digits after *37)

*74xProgram Speed Dial 8 (x can be 2-9)

*52Activate C-Tel voicemail system

*53Deactivate C-Tel voicemail system

*54nSet Call Diversion Timer where 'n' is number of seconds

Feature codes during a call

##Perform a 'blind' transfer to another number (if not disabled)

#0Perform an 'attended' transfer to another number (if not disabled)

*1Start/Stop a manual recording of a call (if not disabled)

*0Disconnect from a call

NOTE: Not all C-Tel features can be setup using star codes.

Q. I can't be bothered remembering star codes - is there an easier way?
A. Yes - you can use the IVR menu for features. Simply dial *99 and listen to the prompts. 

Q. How do I check my voicemail?
A. There are two ways to access your voicemail

1. By telephone
Dial *55 to access phone. 

2. Online
Log into C-Tel Portal and select Messages from the menu. You can also have voicemail's forwarded to an email address of your choice - configure this in the Voicemail Service option in your C-Tel Settings screen. Messages will be sent as .wav attachments to the email and will normally play in Windows Media Player or similar software.

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