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Global Numbers

Q. How do I get a Global Number?
A. Australia geographic numbers can be added via C-Tel portal. Select the Plans and Services and then Add Numbers. In the form that displays select International number from the drop down box and then the number type you required.

To request all other Global numbers numbers please open a support ticket stating the number type you require. Please include the city/calling region if you are requesting a geographic number. Allow 5 business days for your number to be provisioned.

Q. How much do they cost? 

A.Please see our global numbers page for current pricing.
Please note: Monthly services fees are not part of your plan line allocation.

Q. Can I port my existing Global Number to C-Tel?
A. We offer porting services in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK however not all numbers can be ported. Please request the port via the Porting Form in C-Tel portal and we will confirm whether it can be ported or not.

Q. How do I receive calls with a Global number? 

A. Once provisioned your Global number will work just like any other C-Tel number on your account. You can either register it on a device or use features like Call Forward and Locate Me to have it ring on other phones. If you forward the call to another number applicable call fees will apply.

Q. What happens if I don't pay the monthly fees for my Global number?
A. If your account is not kept in positive your Global number will be released back to the carrier we source it from.

Q. How do I cancel my Global number?
A. You can cancel your number in C-Tel portal. Select Remove Numbers from my Account. Removing a line will not cancel your account.

Q. Do the inbound call charges come off the plan minutes for Global Toll Free numbers?
A. Pricing for inbound calls to Global toll free numbers will always be charged and are not covered by plan minutes. We do not charge for calls into geographic Global numbers.

Q. Do outbound calls from Global Numbers use plan minutes?
A. Yes calls out from Global Numbers will use plan minutes if applicable. Please note that local calling does not apply for Global numbers. You cannot present an Australian Toll Free number out to the PSTN.

Q. How many calls does my Global number support?
A. You can make a maximum of two concurrent calls on your Global number. If you require more channels please request these via a support ticket and we will review your request.​

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