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General Phone Settings

For setting up and registering a VoIP Compatible phone device you need the following.

  • Login/Username/ID: your-C-Tel number

  • Authorisation Username/ID: your-C-Tel number

  • Password: your-C-Tel-password

  • Domain/Realm:

  • Stun Server:

  • Proxy:

  • Outbound Proxy:

  • Use Outbound Proxy: yes

  • Register Expires: 600

  • DMTF Mode: RFC2833 (or AVT/out of band)

The DTMF mode should be 'inband' in the case where fax machines or alarm systems are being used. There are other settings that can be configured but may differ from device to device on how these are implemented, but in general terms we usually advise customers set the following:

  • Preferred Codec: G.711a (or alaw)

  • Secondary Codec: G.711u (or ulaw)

  • Other default supported codecs: G.722, G.729a, GSM

  • T.38 support: Enabled (for fax machines or alarms)

  • Echo cancelation: Enabled (except for fax machines or alarms)

  • Silence Suppression or VAD: Disabled

If you are unsure about these settings or have any other questions then please contact C-tel support.

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