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C-Tel Audio Conferencing

Every C-Tel cloud PBX line can be turned into a conference room.

To enable the service simply log into C-Tel portal as the number you wish to hold the conference on and select the Conferencing option from the Cloud PBX settings screen.

Once the screen displays set the conference type as Voice Conferencing and then add Guest and Supervisor PIN's if required. You can also control who can access your conference room if you want.

Save options once done and your room is ready to use. 

Instructions for participants are:
1. Dial your conference number
2. Enter PIN as required
3. When prompted state your name

NB: You can access your conference room from your C-Tel phone by dialing either the conference number or *42 (think *GC for Group Chat). If you enter your own conference room from your C-Tel number you will automatically have supervisor access rights and will not need to enter a Pin code.

By default, the whole conference is recorded to an MP3 file which is emailed to you at the end of the conference. Recordings are around 7MB per hour. You can then forward on this email to others within the conference if you wish to retain a record of what was discussed. You can even upload your own Music on Hold conference music on the C-Tel portal web site which is played when user's are waiting for attendees to arrive.

Once in the conference, there is a wide range of control features that even the most expensive conference services often lack. These are:

Press '*' to access the conference Menu and then press:

1 - Mute/Unmute self
2 - Lock/Unlock room to block new entrants (Supervisors only)
3 - Eject last user who entered conference (Supervisors only)
4 - Decrease conference volume
6 - Increase conference volume
7 - Decrease Your own volume
9 - Increase Your own volume
8 - Exit menu

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