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0800 Porting

Porting your 0800 number to c-tel is easy.All you need to do is:
1. Log into your account via C-Tel portal.
2. Select the Plans and Services tab from the left hand menu.
3. Select Port a Number to C-Tel from the menu options
4. Click the Port Number to C-Tel button, ensure Toll Free port is the option displayed and then click the Select button. To add more numbers click the Add More Numbers button.
5. Fill out the fields and click Submit. You will need to provide the following information:

1. Your current service provider
2. The 0800 numbers you want ported
3. The name on your current account
4. The number of your current account
5. Email you want your porting notifications sent to.

We will communicate to you porting progress. Once the port is complete the number will be added to your account as a stand alone line. Since we don't require it to terminate to another number you will need to either configure it on a device or forward the calls to another number once the port is complete. Please note there is a porting fee of $28.75 ($25 ex GST) for each toll free number ported to c-tel.

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